April 27, 2017

z/VM 6.3, z/VM 6.2 and z/VM 5.4 are approaching end of service

Screenshot from https://www-01.ibm.com/software/support/lifecycleapp/PLCDetail.wss?q45=D799503N87101H83
Screenshot from https://www-01.ibm.com/software/support/lifecycleapp/PLCDetail.wss?q45=D799503N87101H83

Many Linux clients are running under z/VM as the hypervisor. This year three of the older versions are reaching end of service: z/VM 5.4 (12/2017), z/VM 6.2 (06/2017) and z/VM 6.3 (12/2017). As I know that many of you are still running one of those versions, it's time to move to z/VM 6.4 and/or talk to IBM with respect to extended service.
On the Linux-390 mailing list Bill Bitner thankfully offered his help if you've got any migration questions. So take him up on that offer! 

Also take a look at Bill's presentation "z/VM 6.4: Preparation & Use". It's quite useful to see what changed for the better.

(updated 9/12/2017)

April 3, 2017

RHEL 5 end of service

Red Hat logo
Red Hat announced the end of service for RHEL 5. They will offer another three and a half years of security patches and critical fixes if a customer has bought the Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS).

This enterprise distribution has been in the market now for more than ten years. Now it's time to move on. Best of course would be the RHEL 7 stream, which right now is at RHEL 7.3. Every day you stay on the old release without security updates is increasing the risk of being hacked!