May 7, 2013

Linux and z/VM Live Virtual Classes 2013

There are regular Live Virtual Classes (LVC) for z/VM and Linux on System z. Watch the site to register for upcoming classes. There are also replays available for the older classes for z/VM, Linux on System z and z/VSE.
Here are the latest classes from 2013. The title links to the charts, the "replay" to the full replay.

May 2, 2013

New performance whitepaper on exploiting System z crypto hardware with WebSphere 8 for Linux on System z

System z offers hardware accelerations for all kinds of cryptographic operations. The new whitepaper "IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 8 for Linux on IBM System z – SSL Setup and Performance Study" shows how to set up WebSphere and Linux.
The performance numbers are quite impressive, especially for RSA 4096.